R&D Profile
Sundoc has established a provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center for LAR DDS and TDDS and has a R&D team of around 70 people, led by a senior PhD team in the field of complex injection, with more than 75% of the staff have master's degree or above, and more than 90% have many years of experience on drug R&D and industrialization in large pharmaceutical enterprises.

The company has world-class equipment, including homogenizer, high-pressure extruder, versatile grinding system, pilot microsphere/liposome preparation system and other research equipment, and also has a production line of microspheres which complys with U.S. cGMP.

Sundoc has made remarkable achievements in the industrial scales up of the complex injections. A number of technical problems of complex injection have been solved during the process of industrialization. Now some research projects are in the pre-clinical research stage .